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H.L., Attorney at Law

I highly recommend Alay’s program to other solo and small firm attorneys. He understands the challenges we face, and has a range of solutions to fit different attorneys and different goals. Since working with Alay, my monthly revenue has grown significantly and I am well on my way to having my best year ever. We were able to achieve these results without being overwhelmed or overloaded. Not only is he a knowledgeable business expert, but he cares about my success and acts as my personal board of directors.

H.L., Attorney at Law

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Ivette Santaella- Attorney at Blackwell, Santaella & Jahangiri, LLP

Alay Yajnik has helped turn our law practice into a business. He has dedicated a great deal of time and energy helping 3 women lawyers learn how to market, strategize, plan and manage a business to make us more successful. He is an excellent coach and we highly recommend him to anyone who is starting out a business or who needs helping growing their business.

Ivette Santaella, Attorney at Blackwell, Santaella & Jahangiri, LLP

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Lubna Jahangiri- Partner at Blackwell, Santaella & Jahangiri, LLP

Alay is an experienced and competent business coach. He is naturally insightful with a laser sharp understanding of the issues faced by most small business owners. His techniques have helped me grow my business, stay focused, manage my time and organize my schedule. He is dedicated to his clients and passionate about helping businesses achieve their highest potential. He is wise and trustworthy. I highly recommend Alay.

Lubna Jahangiri Partner at Blackwell, Santaella & Jahangiri, LLP

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Sara Raymond – Principal at Law Office of Sara E. Raymond

I’ve recently completed Alay’s business development course. It was engaging and really fueled the fire I need to make my business grow. I’ve had some of my best months financially since beginning this work, and the clients have been flowing in. I feel that the investment (both of time and money) was well worth it. I look forward to seeing what more comes of working with Alay.

Sara Raymond Principal at Law Office of Sara E. Raymond

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Jay Roadarmel, Attorney at Law

Alay, thank you for your web course. The content was excellent and helped me determine the key strategies and tactics needed to grow my law practice. My revenues are up substantially. More importantly, I’m confident I have the plan needed to grow my practice while maintaining the excellent service my clients have come to expect.

Jay Roadarmel Attorney at Law

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80% Growth in Sales while Working Fewer Hours + Exit Strategy

Alay worked with us to free up our time, increase sales, improve profits, and craft an exit strategy. As a result of working with Coach Alay, we had our best year EVER with an 80% INCREASE in tax season sales, while actually working fewer hours! Not only did we enjoy ourselves more, we also put an exit strategy in place that will maximize the price of our practice when we sell it. Alay provided encouragement and focus while helping us improve our business strategy and operations. We highly recommend Alay to our fellow business owners who are looking to regain work/life balance, grow their business, and plan an exit

-Co-Owners, Accounting Firm

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"Alay has done more to foster and develop me as a professional than anyone else I've worked with. Alay draws on the breadth and depth of his experience to provide new perspectives and thought processes to your decision-making. Not only does Alay provide his knowledge, but like only a truly good coach can, he imparts to you the fundamentals and mechanics of his thought process and approach, which allows you to stand on your own and flourish."

-New Manager, Medical Devices Sector

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Team Performance and Long-Term Exit Strategy

As a lifelong entrepreneur and an expert in my field, I chose to work with Coach Alay to achieve clarity around my long-term exit strategy. During this process, I re-focused my insurance practice by developing meaningful business goals for the year at both the company and individual levels. Then we implemented weekly and monthly metrics to measure progress towards those goals. Alay also worked with my team to improve their performance so I could delegate more of the daily activities. Lastly, we developed a long-term succession plan for transitioning the business. As a result, we are now on track to achieve the business success that we had wanted and the team is stronger than ever. Coach Alay is 100% dedicated to his clients' success, and I would recommend him to those business owners who seek business improvement, an exit strategy, or both.

-Steve Lehman, Lehman Insurance Agency

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Trusted Advisor

Alay mentors and coaches me not just in work but in my personal life too. He has a real understanding of how to help me resolve practical issues and has also helped me understand the political and corporate environment I was working in as my career developed from an engineering role into a senior general management position. I would have got there myself in the end, but our sessions together helped me get to where I am today much faster and in a more considered way. He helps me to gain insight into my own way of working, to use myself more effectively in a work situation and to be more flexible with others. Alay's coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through issues - he listens exceptionally well, and encourages me to talk through the challenges I face. Then he provides his perspective, coupled with a wealth of industry knowledge. He offers sound methodical advice enabling me to come to my own conclusions and make the right decisions and subsequent next steps. I would liken his ability to cutting through the noise and focusing on the real issues.

-General Manager Medical Devices Sector

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Profit and Sales Growth while Increasing Team Performance

We are already one of the best salons in the Bay Area, and we wanted to get even better. Alay Yajnik was referred to us to increase profits, grow retail sales, and to give my business partner a pathway to reduce the amount of time he was spending on the business. Alay went above and beyond to deliver impressive results with us, and even trained our staff on improving the customer experience. As a result, we increased profit by $21k over a full year, and had our best retail sales performance ever. My business partner is now moving forward with his plans to pull back from the business, and our team is performing at a higher level. For me personally, Alay helped me improve my team's performance and put me on a path to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Alay to business owners who are already successful, but are not satisfied and are looking to achieve that next level of success.

-Troy Foustino, Owner, Citro Salon