Coaching Skills for Leaders

This March, we invite you to combine business and pleasure as we embark on a journey that will enhance your leadership capabilities.

Navigational Conversations provides organizational leaders with the skills to unlock the talents and problem-solving abilities of others.

A major challenge faced by many organizational leaders is their own tendency to be “hands-on” problem solvers. This skill may have contributed to their promotion to management, but it can easily become a limitation. Effective leaders know that their primary role is not to solve problems but to unleash the problem-solving capacity of those around them. Until they gain this skill, they are functioning as individuals instead of leaders.

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Who Should Attend

This program is designed specifically for organizational leaders interested in enhancing their capacity to develop others through effective coaching conversations.

The material is as suitable for senior leaders as it is for individuals assuming a leadership role for the first time.

What Participants Learn

What Participants Learn

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