Lawyer Business Advantage


Coaching for Lawyers and Law Firms:
Turning Talented Attorneys into Exceptional Business Leaders

Attorneys are trained to be lawyers, not business owners. Yet, an attorney’s practice relies on his or her ability to lead, sell, and develop a company.

Trying to grow your law firm without training is like trying to build a plane while it’s flying. It can work, but it’s frustrating, exhausting, scary, and you can crash. You devote so much of your time to improving your knowledge and skills as a lawyer. You don’t have time to learn the art and science of running a business.

My name is Alay Yajnik. I have dedicated myself to helping attorneys grow their practices and build commercially viable law firms.

Attorney Business Coaching with Alay Yajnik

Simple techniques. Easy-to-follow systems. Fast results.

I provide my clients with the tools they need to thrive in the business world. I have spent years working with attorneys to solve the issues they face, and that experience resulted in a streamlined system of proven techniques designed to get results fast.

My clients who followed this system achieved breakthrough results in terms of income, client quality, and time off. Let me help you take your practice to the next level. Click here to schedule a 15 Minute Triage Call with me. We’ll get clarity on your next level of success, your plan to get there, and if/how I can help.


Lawyer Business Advantage – As the attorney-specific division of Yajnik Group, Lawyer Business Advantage specializes in arming attorneys with the skills necessary to grow the business aspect of their law practice. Through targeted coaching sessions and seminars, attorneys learn a wide range of business skills including leadership, business development, sales skills, marketing strategy, and time management. At Lawyer Business Advantage, our goal is not only to increase your number of clients, but to help you secure the high-quality clients you desire.