One Page Strategic Plan

What Should You Start, Stop, and Continue in order for you to be Delighted with your Business Results in 2016?

Youth sports teams have game plans. Shouldn’t you have a plan for your business?

Don’t leave your business success to chance.

Invest just 90 minutes to work ON your business, and reap the rewards for an entire year!

Business expert Alay Yajnik will take your Business Plan from concept to active in just 90 minutes. Organizations waste countless hours and thousands of dollars on business planning. This isn’t rocket science. You need a cost-effective and time-efficient process. Alay’s One Page Strategic Plan is the fastest, most effective way to create your business plan:

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“Alay worked with us to free up our time, increase sales, improve profits, and craft an exit strategy. As a result of working with him, we had our best year ever with an 80% increase in tax season sales, while actually working fewer hours! We highly recommend Alay to our fellow business owners who are looking to regain work/life balance, grow their business, and plan an exit.” – Pleasanton-based Tax Practice