Be a Superhero: “Customers First”

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless” – Jeffrey Gitomer

A business can grow and win by creating loyal customers, even if the business does nothing else. On the other hand, without loyal customers a business cannot survive. Customer loyalty is the only universal requirement for business success. And it is more important yet more difficult to achieve than ever before. Customers have more choices today. And it’s easier for customers to switch their patronage. Customers also have higher expectations, and their loyalty is harder to win and harder to keep.

And here’s the thing: As a business owner, customer loyalty starts with YOU. So I’m going to ask you to make a choice right now. Will you put customers first, or not?

This is a yes/no question. Make your choice now.

If your answer is “no”, stop reading because this isn’t for you.

For those of you who are putting customers first, congratulations! You’ve chosen to become a superhero for your customers. Being a superhero can’t be delegated. It can’t be a lower priority. And it can’t be superficial. It will force you to make difficult choices and sacrifices. It’s not easy being a superhero, but the rewards are worth the journey.

That being said, customer loyalty is the most powerful tool in your Superhero Business toolbox. Loyal customers tell their connections about you, resulting in high quality referrals (better clients, lower cost of acquisition, larger profits) with no competitive pressure. A business built on customer loyalty is resistant to recessions and price shopping. A business built on customer loyalty is resistant to the competition. A business built on customer loyalty has lower expenses. A business built on customer loyalty is a Superhero Business, and it is unstoppable.

The next several posts will give you, the Superhero owner, several tools and techniques that you can put into practice as you build your Superhero business.

To your success,

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